Welcome to Iceland!

  • Shabbat

    Enjoy a delicious Shabbat meal, meet Jews from Reykjavik and around the world, and get inspired.

  • Kosher list

    What kosher food and products can I find in an Iceland supermarket? 

  • Kosher meals

    Visiting Reykjavik? Enjoy some delicious Icelandic Kosher cuisine.

  • Hotels

    Guests visiting the Jewish Community of Iceland can utilize our discounted rates.

  • Synagogue

    Our prayer services will be easy to follow even for the beginner.

  • Shabbat times

    Candle lighting times for Reykjavik and other cities.

  • Tours

    Get inspiration on some of Iceland's popular tours.

  • Halachic times

    Halachic times for Reykjavik and other cities.

  • Private Tours

    Private tours for 1 to 3 people by an experienced guide and photographer. Contact us for details.

  • Luxury Car Service

    Great service for private airport transfers and private tours.

  • Upcoming

    Jewish Holidays

    Updates on upcoming holidays

    in Reykjavik!

  • Northern Lights & Weather

    Local forecast of northern lights, weather and road conditions.

  • Daily minyan

    Daily minyan information available here.

  • Customs

    Customs and duty information.

  • Halachic FAQ's

    Iceland halachic FAQ's.

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