Rabbi Avi & Mushky

Rabbi Avi Feldman was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Avi studied in rabbinical school in the United States, England, and Australia, and achieved rabbinic ordination in 2013. Avi dedicated himself to serving Jewish communities in cities where there weren’t rabbis or synagogues. His experience includes teaching and promoting Jewish activities in the United States, Germany, Ukraine, Peru and Poland.

Mushky, born and raised in Gothenburg Sweden, is the eldest daughter of Rabbi Alexander and Leah Namdar who direct the Chabad Jewish Center of Sweden. Mushky studied in New York, Israel and Austria, and in 2013 graduated with a Bachelor of education. Her experience includes teaching, mentoring and program coordinating.


Rabbi Avi & Mushky married in 2014 and are proud parents of two daughters. In 2015 Avi & Mushky spent a year directing the Berlin Jewish Student Center where they organized holiday programs, social events and Torah classes.


in 2017 Rabbi Avi and Mushky visited Iceland, and in 2018 settled in Reykjavik where they are dedicated to strengthen the Iceland community by promoting Jewish pride, education and celebration.

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