There are many hotels and guest houses in our area. Accommodations in the area between Center Hotel Plaza - Aðalstræti 4 and Saga MuseumGrandagarður 2 will be within 15 minutes walk of our location.




We have secured a 15% discount at the following hotels for anyone visiting the Jewish Community of Iceland:

Center Hotel Plaza - Aðalstræti 4

Center Hotel Thingholt - Þingholtsstræti 3-5

Center Hotel Skjaldbreið - Laugavegur 16

Center Hotel Klopp - Klapparstíg 26

Center Hotel Arnarhvoll - Ingólfsstræti 1

Center Hotel Midgardur (long walk to shabbos location) - Laugavegur 120

To utilize this discount simply email with your reservation request and mention the Jewish Community of Iceland. For more information visit

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