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Skrifstofa yfirrabbína Íslands
Office of the Chief Rabbi of Iceland

Statement on the massacre in Israel:


Saturday, the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, was the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

Terrorists from Gaza targeted innocent civilians, including small children, teenagers, women, and elderly, tortured them, murdered them and kidnapped them.

The eyewitness testimony and videos are heart wrenching.


Currently, we know of over 1,200 people murdered, over 3,300 injured, and over 100 kidnapped.

While we deal with the shock and pain, we are praying and doing Mitzvot (good deeds) for the recovery of the injured, for the safe return of the kidnapped, and for the grieving families.

We very much appreciate the support of the Reykjavik police, and we very much appreciate the warm messages from the many Icelanders who reached out.


After the Holocaust the world said Never Again. Never Again is now.

- Rabbi Avraham Feldman

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