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Iceland kosher list


“Kosher symbol” means that the product is only kosher when there is a kosher symbol printed on the package. All other products have been researched by Rabbi Feldman and are kosher without a printed kosher symbol.

Look out for these kosher symbols: OU, OK, KLBD, MK

“The same product from a different brand is also kosher” means that if you find the same product, with the same ingredients, from a different brand, it is also Kosher.

If a product is kosher in another country, it does not mean that it is kosher in Iceland.

All products are Kosher year round but not for Pesach.

Disclaimer: This Kosher list is for information purposes only. Chabad of Iceland does not take responsibility for the Kashrut of the products. Every product bearing a Kosher symbol is under the responsibility of that particular Kashrut organization.

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