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Skrifstofa yfirrabbína Íslands
Office of the Chief Rabbi of Iceland

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Chief Rabbi Avraham Feldman

Chief Rabbi Avraham Feldman is dedicated to promoting Jewish education and the celebration of Jewish life in Iceland.


Rabbi Feldman graduated from the Rabbinical College of America, served Jewish communities in the United States, Europe and Australia and served as rabbi and director of the Jewish Student Center of Berlin before making Iceland home.


Rabbi Feldman teaches Jewish values, history and traditions in the community, at local universities and on social and news media. His efforts were instrumental in Judaism becoming a recognized religion in Iceland. Each year during the Chanukah holiday Rabbi Feldman organizes a public Menorah display promoting unity and freedom in downtown Reykjavik. Rabbi Feldman is facilitating the building of the first Synagogue and Jewish Center in the country and is passionate about a bright future for Iceland’s Jewish community and its unique contribution to Icelandic society.

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