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It is an important Mitzvah not to own any Chametz during Pesach.

Any food that is made out of grain that has been allowed to rise (ferment) is chametz. Common chametz items include bread, cakes, breakfast cereals, pastas, many liquors and more.

A rabbi can sell your Chametz on your behalf for the duration of the holiday so that it can be enjoyed after Pesach.

Chametz sale FAQ's

What should I do with my Chametz?

Place your Chametz in a designated area like a room or cabinet and close it off with tape to ensure that no one will accidentally eat it on Pesach.


When is the deadline for selling my Chametz?

Chametz must be sold no later than the morning before Pesach.


When does the sale take effect?

Regardless of when you fill out the form, the sale takes place on the morning before Pesach. Until that time you are free to use your Chametz.


When is my Chametz bought back for me?

The rabbi buys back the chametz shortly after nightfall on the last day of Pesach. You do not need to do anything.


Can I simply sell my Chametz to my friend or neighbor?

It is not advisable to sell your chametz without a rabbi. The laws of acquisition are complex, especially for this type of transaction in which the buyer is likely never to see the items they bought, and the items are not physically moved into the buyer’s domain.


Does this service cost anything?

No, it is free of charge.


Why does the form mention the lease of the place of the Chametz?

In some cases the Chametz can only be acquired remotely if the non Jewish person is also leasing the space where the Chametz is. This would apply only to the cabinet or room where the Chametz is and not the entire property.

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