Iceland kosher list


This Kosher list is for information purposes only. We do not take responsibility for the Kashrut of the products. Every product bearing a Kosher symbol is under the responsibility of that particular Kashrut organization. 

Products bearing a Kosher symbol with a “D” contain milk and are not Chalav Yisrael. 

Some products may not be Pas Yisroel.

If a product is Kosher, it does not mean that other products of the same company are Kosher.

If a product has a Kosher symbol, it does not mean that the same product without the symbol is Kosher.

All products are Kosher year round but not for Pesach.

Supermarkets Hagkaup, Kronan and Bonus each have some of these products.

If you find a Kosher product not mentioned here, please contact us so that we can include it.

Cereals and Breakfast

Milk, cheese and yogurts

Regular milk in Iceland is Kosher but not Cholov Yisroel.


Pita, crackers and wraps

Pasta, rice and quinoa

Canned and jarred food

Frozen fruit, vegetables and soy products

Dressings, dips, spices and oil

Dried fruit and nuts

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Chips, candy and sweets

Ice cream

Coffee, tea and cocoa


Contact us for Kiddush grape juice.

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